▼How is “international volunteering”?

Everybody who is interested in international volunteering can wonder like these.

“How is international volunteering in fact?”

“What is a “Work Camp?”

These movies might answer your questions. They were all recorder by our volunteers during their project. They wanted to share what their life looked like while they were on workcamp.

▼Buoc Village, Mai Chau

Volunteers went to Buoc Village in order to build toilets for local people. Still 20% of the families living there do not have toilets. They also met the villagers to experience their culture and understand more their situation. The work camp is created for helping local people. Volunteers can learn how local life is through spending all their time with local people. If you want to learn more about the project (with other volunteers) go check this post.

They show you how was their stay. These videos show workcamps from 2019, 2018 and 2017.

▼Voice from volunteer

We accept a lot of volunteers from other countries every year. They come all the way to Vietnam and work different places around Vietnam. After projects, they go back to their own countries with special feelings or some kinds of progress.

In this movie, two volunteers, one from Spain and the other is from Australia, are talking about their project and lives there. They work as teachers in a local university and live in a local village. What they are feeling and thinking based on their own experiences might give you a new perspective.

▼Connect to develop

Photos of the activities of Bruneian students. They came from Universiti Brunei Darussalam and went at Phu Yen University and Mien Trung University of Civil Engineering.

03/09 – 10/12/2019 

▼Lunar year camp

Photos of one of our workcamps : the lunar year camp. Volunteers baked Chung Cake for poor children and families for Tet, the traditional new year in Vietnam. They brought the cakes to them and enjoyed an afternoon together. If you want to learn more about this project, go check this post. And if you want to read volunteers’ opinion click here.

▼Thai Nguyen 

During this workcamp volunteers went to Thai Nguyen, a rural village in Vietnam. They renovated a kindergarten and organized leisure activities with children.

They show you how was their project in this video.

▼Fisher Village 

Fisher Village is a place where poor people live, this is not a real fisher village. One of our projects consists in helping them as we can. Volunteers go in the village and do some work with them to improve their living conditions. You can find more information about the workcamp and the village in this post.

In this video you can see pictures of the project in 2018. Volunteers helped building  a filter for the water, among many things.

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