Our Partners

SJ Vietnam is an active member of International Volunteering networks, in order to strengthen the relation with other volunteering organization in Asia, Europe, or  anywhere in the world.  Those organizations meet on a regular basis to define the future of international volunteering

Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations

The Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations is an International Non-Governmental Youth Organization that represents national organizations which promote intercultural education, understanding and peace through voluntary service. The Alliance, founded in 1982, is presently made up of full, associate and candidate members in about 30 countries.


Each member runs an annual program of International Volunteer Projects in their own country and exchanges volunteers with each other to create an international group of volunteer workers on each project.
SJ Vietnam is going to become “partner” of Alliance.


CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service)

The Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) is an international non-governmental organization which promotes peace, development and human rights through the promotion, development and co-ordination of national and international voluntary service. The work relies on cooperation between national and international voluntary service organizations, which constitute its network of members. CCIVS coordinates the exchange of information and promotes international volunteers programs through:

  • Displaying information and documentation
  • Organizing seminars, conferences, training sessions
  • Promoting the activities of member organizations
  • Contacts and cooperation with other international organizations
  • International solidarity campaigns and joint actions
  • Studies and research work
  • Support for fundraising

SJ Vietnam has been a full of member of CCIVS since 2005 and participates regularly in CCIVS meetings and activities.


Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations

The Network for Voluntary Development in Asia (NVDA) is an international networking NGO which promotes international voluntary service (especially international workcamps) in Asia/Pacific. It was started in 1997 and now consists of 21 national NGOs in 15 countries/areas and one international NGO that has branches in 13 other countries.

NVDA’s main activities are:

  • Regular networking projects
  • Starting workcamps in new countries
  • Improving qualities of NGOs and of their projects
  • Sending volunteers to workcamps all over the world
  • Common actions in Asia for various social issues

By developing international voluntary service in Asia/Pacific, NVDA would like to:

  • Improve local/global situations of nature environment, culture, poverty & human rights
  • Support local NGOs and self sufficiency and human development of local community
  • Promote friendship, understanding and solidarity among world youth and local people


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