What’s difference between PROMISE and COMMITMENT?

We had a workshop on Jan.4th (Sat), 2020 at DCV-ICT Life (My Son Tower, L2, 62 Nguyen Huy Tuong, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi) as an activity for SJC. First of all, what is SJC? SJC -The active English community of SJ Vietnam  is a place where members can practice English through soft skills: presentation, situation handing, argument, and etc. Through [...]


How do you feel through experiencing LOCAL life in Fisher Village?

PROGRAM: Eco Sponge Action VOLUNTEERS: 11 Japanese, 3 Vietnamese PERIOD: Dec.21-28,2019   <Program Information> There is a small village and a small garden on Song Hong River in Hanoi, under Long Bien Bridge. The name is Fisher Island/Village. It consists of some boats floating on the river. Some underprivileged people are living there. Many years before they came to Hanoi from other regions to [...]


3 in 1 party at SJ Vietnam office

We had a party at SJ Vietnam (SJV) office on the evening of Dec.17th,2019. First of all, why did we have this party? We had 3 purposes. First purpose is to welcome new volunteers arrived at Hanoi in December. A girl is from Belgium, a girl from India, and a boy from Japan. Second one is to welcome Christmas and [...]

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