Cultural events

Some of the major religious festivals follow the lunar calendar. They include:

  • Tet (late January or early February), the most important festival of the year which lasts a week (with rites beginning a week earlier), marking the new lunar year;
  • Wandering Souls Day (Trung Nguyen), held on the fifteenth day of the seventh moon (August), the second-largest festival of the year, when offerings of food and gifts are given to the wandering souls of the forgotten dead;
  • Summer Solstice Day (Tiet Doan Ngo) in June which sees the burning of human effigies to satisfy the need for souls to serve in the God of Death’s army;
  • Holiday of the Dead (Thanh Minh) in April commemorating deceased relatives.

Facts about Hanoi

Located in the northern part of Vietnam, Hanoi is the capital of this South-East Asian country. This thousand year old city situated on the banks of the Red River has an estimated population of about 4 million inhabitants. With many colourful districts including the French styled Old Quarter near Hoan Kiem lake and the modern New Quarter, Tay Ho, Hanoi is a buzzing and vibrant city with many interesting places to visit, a city never to forget.

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