Solidarités Jeunesses Vietnam (SJ Vietnam) is an international youth NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) which aims at connecting international and Vietnamese volunteers to work with the most in-need communities. SJ Vietnam was set up in 2004 with the coordination of Mr. Piere de Hanscutter and Ms. Do Thi Phuc.

SJ Vietnam is a full member of CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service – UNESCO) and NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia). It is also a partner of YAP (Youth Action for Peace) and Alliance. International exchanges are managed exclusively within our network of Vietnamese and international partners. Up to now, SJ Vietnam has brought 6,000 volunteers worldwide and across the country to help the children and youngsters from low-income families access better education and proper treatment.

SJ Vietnam organises short-term and long-term voluntary projects. Its projects vary from environment, cultural protection and rural development to education, depending on the needs of the communities. The volunteers stay in a place to work, to improve the situation of the community and the society as well as to develop personal and professional competencies.

SJ Vietnam is an independent, non-political and non-religious organization open to everybody without any distinction of nationality, race, philosophy, financial resource, education or sex.

This website is fully functional in English. Even though parts of the website are also available in French and some others in Vietnamese to make things easier for local and international volunteers, please understand that any further information will be communicated in English. If you wish to contact us in the French language, please contact our independent branches in France or Belgium SVI.

Situation of CO-VID 19 in Vietnam

At SJ Vietnam, we would like to keep you informed of developments and the government’s response to the CO-VID 19 pandemic. This goes back to the beginning of March. On 6 March, Hanoi reported a new case, just before the country could declare that it had treated all affected patients. Indeed, the first 16 cases had been successfully treated and [...]

Vietnam - A brief history in pictures


In this series of articles, you can read the history of Vietnam. It comes from the book “Vietnam – A brief history in pictures“. It relates the stories about the early times of the country.     President Hồ Chí Minh wrote: “Each and every Vietnamese should have an insight in their country’s history.” Our children are a portion of our population [...]

Hong Bang Dinasty


Our nation’s history begins with legends… According to legend, the country of Vietnam starts in 2879 BC, when Kinh Dương Vương became the king of Xích Quỷ. The territory of Xích Qủy expanded to Dongting Lake (now Human Province China) in the North, Hồ Tôn (the coastal land strip in present-day Central Vietnam) in the South, Bushu (Sichuan, China) in [...]

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