Vietnam - A brief history in pictures
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In this series of articles, you can read the history of Vietnam. It comes from the book “Vietnam – A brief history in pictures“. It relates the stories about the early times of the country.  You can also listen to it by playing the audio. 



President Hồ Chí Minh wrote: “Each and every Vietnamese should have an insight in their country’s history.” Our children are a portion of our population and the future of our country. To make them embed with history, this pictorial book tells Vietnam’s history through concise stories and impressive illustrations.

I hope that, by reading this book, young readers will better understand how hard Vietnamese generations have overcome historical challenges. They have made brilliant feats and many of them have become men of honor. They have also left up with deep lessons. We today inherit a legacy which has been built up at pains by our ancestors. And tomorrow, it is younger generations that continue to make our country more prosperous, our nation more powerful and our history more glorious.


To read the first chapter click here.



Compiled by: HIẾU MINH – HUYỀN TRANG (in Vietnamese language)

With an introduction of Historian DƯƠNG TRUNG QUỐC

Illustrated by TẠ HUY LONG

Translated by: NGUYỄN XUÂN HỒNG

P/s: Completed by the volunteers: Nguyễn Ngọc Bích – Second-year student of Foreign Trade University; Takanori Kano from Japan; Antoine Roels from Belgium; Linh – The coordinator of SJ Vietnam. 

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