Apply to a workcamp

We accept only volunteers sent by an international voluntary organization. You can find a list of voluntary organizations in your country at

  • If you are Vietnamese, the member card of SJ Vietnam is included in the participation fees.
  • If you are living in a French speaking country, we recommend you to contact the SVI – – who is our closest partner in Belgium, France, Canada and Switzerland.
  • If there is no voluntary organization in your country, contact us: [email protected]

For international short-term volunteers the participation fee is around 180 Euros/Workcamp (2 weeks)

Fees are not only for your food and accommodation

Please understand that you are at a workcamp, a volunteer project, your participation fee is not to buy anything from us and we are not sellers of enjoyable services for your holidays in Vietnam: we are a non-profit voluntary organization. Please also understand that, as a youth organization, we try our best to have the lowest possible participation fees. That means that you will have to be careful and responsible for the budget during your project. Please have this money with you at the meeting point. You can pay in Euros or the equivalent in US Dollars and of course in Vietnam Dong. You can find ATM machines at the airport and in the city.

Local volunteers need to pay member fees: 100.000 VND/Year. None of them are paid, only camp leaders receive an indemnity for their transport and food.

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