What to bring

When thinking about traveling to Vietnam, do not be misled by the cinema images of hot, steamy jungle. Although the country is located between the Equator and the tropic of Cancer, the northern part of Vietnam has a subtropical climate and can be very chilly in the winter months

If you forget something, it is not a disaster because you should be able to find a substitute locally. From December to April, the weather can be change constantly: warm during the day and quite cold in evenings, bring warm clothes and a raincoat! You should bring some winter clothes with you because it is about 12-20 degree Celsius in winter in Vietnam. Occasionally, it is 7-8°C which is really cold especially as there is no central heating in our accommodation. In spring, summer and autumn, the weather can be extremely warm and humid (up to 35°C and 90%), so take some light cotton clothes with you (for example, T-shirt)

  • Sleeping bag, sheet and pillow
  • Sun cream, hat
  • Protective measures against mosquito
  • Your mobile phone (if you stay here for a long time it is convenient to buy a Vietnamese Sim-card for your mobile phone)
  • Something about your country (posters, music, postcards, map, video, food) and pictures of your family to show to the children and other volunteers)
  • Pocket money
  • Personal medicine and first aid kit
  • If possible have only ONE bag to have more space in your dormitory.
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