The Vietnamese currency is the “Vietnamese Dong” (VND). The exchange rate in July 2018 was:

  • 1 USD = 23,065.52 VND
  • 1 EUR = 27,015.30 VND

Be sure that you understand how to convert your national money to/from Vietnamese dong before coming! Always count the money that you receive back when you change your money. If your currency is Euro or Yen all the change offices in Hanoi will change your money so you do not need to purchase US Dollars before your trip.

Do not change money in the street!!! It is illegal and it is the best way to get fake money. You can find ATM machines everywhere (especially Vietcombank ATMs) which accept a wide variety of bankcards. Credit cards are not used in day to day life; you can only use them to take cash out from ATM machines and in expensive hotels and restaurants. In general, avoid paying in Dollars (especially motorbike and taxi).

Some prices for reference:

  • One lunch: between 10.000 VND and 40.000 VND, average price 30.000 VND in restaurant, 15.000 VND in the street.
  • One city Bus Ticket: 3.000 VND in Hanoi.
  • Night in hotel: between 5 USD (dormitory) to 140 USD (Sheraton). Average 10 USD
  • Entrance at swimming pool: between 30.000 VND (close to SJ Vietnam House) and 150.000 VND (Sheraton)
  • One beer: between 3.000 VND and 25.000 VND, average price 10.000 VN
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