What’s difference between PROMISE and COMMITMENT?

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What’s difference between PROMISE and COMMITMENT?

We had a workshop on Jan.4th (Sat), 2020 at DCV-ICT Life (My Son Tower, L2, 62 Nguyen Huy Tuong, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi) as an activity for SJC.

First of all, what is SJC? SJC -The active English community of SJ Vietnam  is a place where members can practice English through soft skills: presentation, situation handing, argument, and etc. Through talking about topics, the members can improve some skills, such as presentation in public or in camera. Some international volunteers join this workshop, so members can make friends with foreigners!


We began from self-introduction. We have a Vietnamese coordinator, a volunteer from Japan and 7 Vietnamese. We talked about our countries, cultures or our majors in our schools.

Topic of this day was “Promise and Commitment”. The topic seemed difficult, so we sat on the floor closely to each other and made a circle in order to make the discussion more active. We used our brain so much about differences between promise and commitment.

One said, “The point is just seriousness. Commitment is more serious than promise.” However another disagreed with it and persisted, “Promise is saying something, but commitment is doing something to make myself keep my promise”. Discussion about this aspect really got excited. What about your opinion?

After that, we made pairs and talked each other about some questions about promise. The questions are as follows;
・Are you a person who keep your promise?
・How do you feel about people who break their promises?
・How important is promise for you?

When we shared opinions in each pair to all, we found something and hilarious. Everybody said, “I cannot keep a promise against myself about getting up early…”

We talked so lively that we continued talking for a while when the host tried to change a topic.

This workshop is arranged for enjoying speaking English and communicating each other. If you want to improve your speaking skill, experience international communication or broaden your horizon, not only Promise to yourself but also Commit yourself to new opportunity in front of you!!!

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