Chapter 18 : 1975 – PRESENT DAY

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Chapter 18 : 1975 – PRESENT DAY



On 25 April 1976, the general National Assembly election was held throughout Vietnam. During its first meeting, the National Assembly decided to rename the country the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRVN). Vietnamese people eagerly joined hands in national reconstruction. Stepping out of two destructive wars, Vietnam fell in a harsh socio-economic crisis. The 6th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam in December 1986 out forth an urgent policy: launching Comprehensive Reforms (Đổi mới).

The economic reform was considered the main task: shifting to an open-door policy and facilitating the development of all industries. The Doi moi policy became a miracle for Vietnam. Within a decade, the country managed to get out of its socio-economic crisis. Vietnam now is developing in a sustainable and stable way and trying its best to catch up with the global tendency. The Vietnamese history will continue and each and every Vietnamese citizen will be an author who writes their country’s future.




Compiled by: HIẾU MINH – HUYỀN TRANG (in Vietnamese language)

With an introduction of Historian DƯƠNG TRUNG QUỐC

Illustrated by TẠ HUY LONG

Translated by: NGUYỄN XUÂN HỒNG

P/s: Completed by the volunteers: Nguyễn Ngọc Bích – Second-year student of Foreign Trade University; Takanori Kano from Japan; Antoine Roels from Belgium; Linh – The coordinator of SJ Vietnam. 

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