▼How is “international volunteering”?

Everybody who are interested in international volunteering can wonder like these.

“How is international volunteering in fact?”

“What is “Work Camp?”

This movie might answer your questions. It’s a record movie of a work camp in Bouc Village (Mai Chau town, in Vietnam). As you can see on the above map, this area is placed by only green color and a lot of mountain.

The work camp is created for helping local people. Volunteers can learn how local life is through spending all their time with local people.

▼Voice from volunteer

We accept a lot of volunteers from other countries every year. They come all the way to Vietnam and work different places around Vietnam. After projects, they go back to their own countries with special feelings or some kinds of progress.

In this movie, two volunteers, one from Spain and the other is from Australia, are talking about their project and lives there. They work as teachers in a local university and live in a local village. What they are feeling and thinking based on their own experiences might give you a new perspective.

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