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Volunteering in Buoc Village

Two weeks ago, a group of Japanese students, accompanied by a Swiss volunteer and supported by two others Vietnamese volunteers took part in of one SJVietnam’s (SJV) Groupcamps: “Living, sharing and helping minority and disadvantaged people.” They were led by Mr. Mori Hiro, coordinator of NICE, and their teacher Mr. Paul Crane. They will tell us about their volunteering [...]


Visits in the South of Vietnam

Cloé Durdur, LMTV volunteer from SVI : I had the chance to visit some interesting places in the south of Vietnam during my holiday for TET. Indeed, during these 2 weeks, I organized my time to be able to visit as many places as possible. I planned to go to Phu Quoc, to go to the family of my Vietnamese [...]

Montagne et mer, Vietnam

Visits in the North of Vietnam

Cloé, volunteer SJVietnam When you are a volunteer, you quickly take the rhythm of working during the week and traveling on weekends. If you work in Hanoi, then the North of Vietnam is easily accessible. After almost two months of volunteering, I have been in several very interesting places in Vietnam. In the North, I notably visited Ha Long Bay, [...]


How is Tet?

Chúc mừng năm mới! This Vietnamese means “Happy New Year!” in Vietnamese. Why now? January 25th is new years day of this year in Vietnam! I explored traditional and amazing new year in Vietnam fortunately because I was in Hanoi to join long-term volunteer in SJ Vietnam last December and January. On this post, let me introduce Vietnamese traditional new [...]

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